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[Blog] Separating the Men from the Boys

The playing field of applications, packages and systems appearing with mind boggling speed into the new Industry 4.0 universe produces a daunting task of comparison and identification of the tools that will make the cut. The ability of assessing strengths and weaknesses, identifying, and exploiting the weaknesses is critical to both the short term and long-term success

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[Blog] What is more important? Throughput or Efficiency?

The ability for both the operations and the support engineering to work together tends to be a rocky marriage from the start, with neither side wanting to compromise their position. The introduction of Data Driven Manufacturing is the key to providing what both parties require, time.

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[Blog] The Paradigm Is Shifting. But in Who’s Favor?

An increasing amount of cutting-edge scientific research is data- rather than theory-driven. The world has witnessed that compiled data around COVID-19 has plunged conventional wisdom, theory and position into the abyss. Where the accepted attitudinal world-view is based on relativism, hard facts are clearing out the cobwebs hindering rational, hard facts thinking as it pertains to manufacturing. Conventional “cost” based accounting is giving way to “throughput” accounting.

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[Podcast] Tackling Downtime and Inefficiencies with Software

Turning to software over paper reports does more than just save trees. Chris Mahar, Associate Editor of Manufacturing Engineering, talks with David McPhail, President and CEO of Memex Inc., about how manufacturers can utilize technology to improve efficiency, reduce downtime and boost productivity and profits across their business. Leveraging software to solve elusive waste in any […]

MEMEX - Benefits of Data Driven Manufacturing

[Webinar] Monetizing your investment in Data-Driven Manufacturing

With this webinar, you will understand the 5 steps to Success with Data-Driven Manufacturing, Fuel Lean Continuous Improvement initiatives with Real-time data to get to root cause and counter measures fast, reduce your company’s operating cost, and learn how an investment in Data-Driven Manufacturing can boost your bottom-line financial results.