From Shop Floor to Top Floor – Success is within reach

Imagine connecting real-time information about any machine on your shop floor to your management team so that you can improve your manufacturing capacity by 10% to 50%.

Affordable MES for the mid-market

Read about how Memex MERLIN, along with MTConnect and Dynamics AX, can connect shop floor to top floor with an affordable mid-market MES solution.

The 3 Levels of OEE Wisdom

The 3 levels of OEE wisdom will optimize production and profitability in your plant, on your already existing machines.

MEMEX - Machine Monitoring

To Measure Is To Know – MTConnect book

To Measure Is To Know, written by Dave Edstrom, CEO/CTO of MTConnect, discusses the many lessons learned in the world of open systems.

2013 – Adapt or Die

The Manufacturing world is going to change extremely fast in the next few years. Are you ready?