MEMEX part of Manufacturer’s Outlook 2016

“The 365 responses to the 2016 edition of the PLANT Manufacturers’ Outlook survey show that owners and senior executives of companies across Canada, most of them with less than 100 employees, are looking forward to the year ahead. Almost a third (32%) of senior executives are flat-out optimistic about their prospects, but 57% are cautiously so. ”

It’s an honour reflecting our industry leadership position that PLANT invites MEMEX to contribute to its Annual Manufacturing Outlook 2016.

MEMEX VP Sales John Rattray is quoted on companies adopting to changing technology.  “There has been a huge change that we’ve seen and it’s been literally in the last year and a half,” he said. “We still believe we’re dealing mostly with early adopters. ” The vast majority of people are still trying to figure things out. Certainly our business is growing. We’re over 100% growth per year.” But he sees knowledge-based strategic planning and thinking, and how to apply technology to be a big issue. Most manufacturers, he said, are preoccupied with issues of the day and can’t think outside the box. “Companies need help.” “there is help available, but companies must also be prepared to change the way they do things.”