“Our Product Generates Over 300% IRR,” Says Memex’s CEO

Memex’s Merlin platform measures overall equipment effectiveness

SmallCapPower was at the Canadian Innovation Exchange’s Public Investor Day in November and had an exclusive chat with David McPhail, President and CEO of Memex Inc. (CVE:OEE). The Company’s main product, Merlin, is both a software and hardware platform product that uses three metrics to calculate overall equipment effectiveness (hence their stock symbol) and generates nearly 50% productivity improvement. Find out how Merlin helps to generate over 300% internal return rate of capital, and OEE’s plans to solidify its position as a market leader in North America.


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MEMEX Inc. Discusses IIoT Market, Growth Drivers, Goals and Milestones for 2016-2017 in New SNNLive Interview

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ —, The Official MicroCap News Source™, today published SNNLive Video Interview with David McPhail, President and CEO of MEMEX Inc. (TSX-V: OEE), the developer of MERLIN, an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology platform that delivers manufacturing productivity in Real-Time, according to the company’s website (see here: The video interview was recorded on Monday, October 24th, 2016 at The MicroCap Conference 2016 in Philadelphia, PA.

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MEMEX Inc. – Developer of IIoT Technology Platform Delivering Manufacturing Productivity in Real-Time


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About MEMEX Inc.

MEMEX, the developer of MERLIN, an award winning IIoT technology platform that delivers tangible increases in manufacturing productivity in Real-Time, is the global leader in machine to machine connectivity solutions. Committed to its mission of “Successfully transforming factories of today into factories of the future” and encouraged by the accelerating adoption and success of MERLIN, MEMEX is relentlessly pursuing the development of increasingly innovative solutions suitable in the IIoT era. MEMEX envisions converting every machine into a node on corporate networks, thereby, creating visibility from shop-floor-to-top-floor. MEMEX, with its deep commitment towards machine connectivity, offers solutions that are focused on finding hidden capacity by measuring and managing Real-Time data. This empowers MEMEX’s customers to effectively quantify and manage OEE, reduce costs and incorporate strategies for continuous lean improvement.

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MEMEX - Real-Time Warning Alert

Trending now – Smart Manufacturing

There is no IIoT without Real-Time data. True Shop – Floor – to – Top – Floor connectivity can :

  •  Enhance all facets of manufacturing using evidence based Real-Time data collected from each machine and discreet process
  • Increase throughput & ensure efficient reporting  directly to and from ERP
  • Drive the circle of  continuous improvement & lean manufacturing
  • Create tangible, compelling business outcomes

Discover the award winning IIoT Real-Time manufacturing analytic solution by MEMEX; MERLIN, your key to the digital factory of the future.


MEMEX - OEE Dashboard

OEE Solutions Webinar Videos

A Fast way to learn about the product line

Below is a list of short videos on topics covered in Memex’s OEE Solution Series webinars. These are proprietary and confidential to Memex, designed to communicate and educate companies engaged with Memex for a potential business relationship, and are not for general widespread distribution.

1.  OEE Overview:


2.  Real Time Dashboard:


3.  Financial OEE ROI:


4.  The Industry Leader:


5.  Automated Data Collection:


6.  Operator Interface – RFID, Bar Code, HMI:


7.  Data Model:


8.  Configurable Adapter:


9.  Hardware Boards:


10.  Customer Installations:


11.  Machine Detail:


12.  Reporting:


13.  Data Tables:


14.  Shop Floor Designer:


15.  ERP Integration:


MEMEX - OEE Interview with Robert Hansen

OEE Interview with Robert Hansen

If you are looking to improve the efficiency of your manufacturing operation, this interview by Ryan Hildebrandt of Plant Clarity and OEE author and consultant Robert Hansen, will highlight the financial link to OEE data and help you avoid common pitfalls when starting to monitor OEE. Robert is the author of “Overall Equipment Effectiveness: A Powerful Production/Maintenance Tool for Increased Profits” and has helped numerous factories implement an OEE monitoring and continuous improvement strategy.

In the interview, Robert and Ryan cover:

  • A quick back-of-the-napkin calculation to show you whether your operation is right for OEE monitoring
  • How to ensure there is buy-in and excitement for monitoring OEE at each level of your organisation
  • Why collecting OEE data manually (rather than with an automatic link to the machines) may be a waste of time
  • If you’re already monitoring OEE but haven’t seen any results, what you may be doing wrong
  • What profit increases you should be seeing as a result of monitoring OEE (and what to do if you’re not)

The interview is broken down into 10 questions, and therefore 10 short video segments, in the playlist below.