Aerospace Customer Chooses Memex Complete OEE+DNC System

Memex announces a new aerospace customer that has gone live in production to monitor and control the machines on the shop floor in its plants in North America. They are utilizing Memex’s complete system to address their OEE and DNC requirements. This gives them the ability to monitor production status, run time, down time reasons, reject causes in real time and automatically report on OEE accurately. In addition, they have control of their part programs with Memex’s completely re-designed, state of the art, new DNC software, called AxDNC. Work orders on the floor are managed through Memex’s OEE+DNC and are integrated to their Baan ERP system as well as their CAD/CAM part programs and HR reporting.

This project has taken over 1 year to deploy due to the number of plants and machines as well as the development of enhanced integrated OEE+DNC functionality. This customer uses Memex’s entire mainstay solution of hardware, firmware and software system, including configuration utilities, to monitor their plant and depends on Memex’s file transfer capabilities to reliably transfer all of their metal cutting programs to the shop floor. The benefits to the customer are significant in terms of efficiency of operations, with potential improvements at the shop floor of up to 20%. Connectivity of their machines to the enterprise network allows them to do many more operations as well as the machines now have on-board OEE+DNC with additional memory and functionality. Corporate level visibility of OEE and production ensures effective management of operations assisting in delivering quality products on time for their customers.