Achieve maximum machine utilization

Manufacturers are experiencing end-of-life issues with DNC technologies.  They need to replace their old (in some cases 20+ years), often serial-based communication on Windows XP other unsupported systems. MEMEX is unique in that it offers a comprehensive DNC package poised to create a DNC renaissance.

MERLIN DNC is a new plug-in product for MERLIN that connects CNC machine tools for efficient transfer of CNC programs and other data. It has browser-based interfaces that work with the latest computers, tablets and smartphones.

With MERLIN DNC manufacturers can load, run (drip-feed) and save CNC programs with up to 1,000 machines simultaneously. MERLIN DNC works with machines equipped with Ethernet, RS- 232C and tape reader communication interfaces.

While it is a state-of-the-art DNC package in its own right, MERLIN DNC offers much more. As a plug-in software tool to MERLIN Tempus, factory-floor teams can MERLIN DNC to auto-load a specific job.

Features & Benefits

MERLIN DNC offers:

  • Accurate and reliable part program transfer
  • Reduce setup time to keep machine running at maximum utilization
  • Minimizing machine errors
  • Payback to bottom line measured in months
  • Drip-feed large files with convenient mid-program restart
  • Easy to install and use
  • Reduce setup time
  • Effortless standards compliance
  • Redundant file storage for backup security

MERLIN DNC Features:

  • Modern design
  • Reliable networked DNC
  • Browser-based user interfaces that works with the latest computers, tablets and smartphones
  • Works with HTML5 complaint browser
  • Standard configurations for most of the CNC models
  • Inherent electrical isolation
  • Links to customer’s existing backplotters, file mangers, editors etc.
  • Monitor DNC transfers
  • Convenient file comparison
  • Single source solution
  • Drip-feeding with mid-program restart
  • Automatic and manual comparison
  • Automatic file naming prevents errors
  • Electrical isolation protects against expensive repairs

Try MERLIN Dostek DNC free for 10 days

See for yourself how convenient and easy MERLIN Dostek DNC is to install and use:

  • The First-Time Setup Wizard automatically guides you through set-up and configuration.
  • Sample configurations with CNC parameter settings are included for most CNC models.
  • The Communication Troubleshooting help file explains how to solve common communication problems.

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